[Mailman-Users] Editing Mailman's text files

Pete Bell macbantam at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 13 09:43:16 CEST 2011


I'm a new member of this group but have been running an email list with Mailman for a long time.

I am now setting a list up again and want to give a "look and feel" to the list which has more branding of my user group as a whole, and less of a Mailman-feel.

I seem to remember that besides editing the public HTML pages, it is possible to edit the text files which Mailman automatically sends out for certain needs (such as 'approve.txt', 'adminsubscribeack.txt', 'invite.txt', and so on).

A. Is this still the case?
B. If so, where can I find them? (in case they've changed from the ones I have from long ago).
C. Where do they need putting, so that Mailman can use them again?

It's important that I should tell you that Mailman on my webhosts servers is a "server-wide" installation, and I don't get to edit anything which other clients to their servers need.
This would be only for my own use, and as such I need to know where these files go in my own webspace, and how to get Mailman to use them instead of the default ones.

I should also say that I have done this before, so unless the facility to do this has been ditched in recent years, I *should* still be able to do it !

Does Mailman perhaps look for these files somewhere in my webspace (which I have to give a specific name), and if it doesn't find them it goes on to find its default versions of these files?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Pete Bell, UK

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