[Mailman-Users] Question concerning list of members as relay_recipients in postfix

Peter Sørensen maspsr at sdu.dk
Thu Jun 16 08:52:03 CEST 2011


I have recently migrated my old mailman installation to a new based on 2.1.14 with postfix
as MTA. The prior one used EXIM.

The mailman server is just part of a big mail complex and located on the inner side of my network

The other parts are GATEWAYS ( postfix based ) and backends ( EXCHANGE based). We use virtual
domains ( host around 100 ) domains.

Mail is routed GW => EXCHANGE => Mailman server, so if I have a list in a domain called  mydomain at xyz.com<mailto:mydomain at xyz.com>
and also a lot of users in that domain,  we need to make EXCHG forward any address it can't solve to the
Mailman server, to make sure that mail to the list mydomain at xyz.com<mailto:mydomain at xyz.com> is processed.

We could of course let the EXCHG system be authoritative for the domain but that would imply that all mailman addresses
Is added as contacts in EXCHG. I'm not the EXCHG guy and when I talk about this......

Because if this I get all garbage mail sent to mydomain at xyz.com<mailto:mydomain at xyz.com> . We have some sort of address control but I can't
Avoid some of the garbage.

Due to this I need to make the postfix on the mailman server aware of what addresses to handle and reject anything else.

This is not a big problem but before I dig into this and make a script I would ask if this is already done.

I have the listnames in virtual-mailman and can get a list of members with the script list_members.

Any hints ?

Best regards

Peter Sorensen/Univ.Of.South.Denmark/Email: maspsr at sdu.dk

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