[Mailman-Users] Three letter codes in configfile

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jun 26 20:15:23 CEST 2011

Pete Bell wrote:
>I run a Mailman list and when I look at the list's "config.pck.xxxx.dump" file, I see three letter codes alongside each member's name in the "user_options" section.
>Such codes as 264, 268, 280 and so on.
>Any chance of finding a full list of what they mean please?

Those are the user's options bits. If you look in Defaults.py, you will

# Bitfield for user options.  See DEFAULT_NEW_MEMBER_OPTIONS above to
# defaults for all new lists.
Digests             = 0 # handled by other mechanism, doesn't need a
DisableDelivery     = 1 # Obsolete; use set/getDeliveryStatus()
DontReceiveOwnPosts = 2 # Non-digesters only
AcknowledgePosts    = 4
DisableMime         = 8 # Digesters only
ConcealSubscription = 16
SuppressPasswordReminder = 32
ReceiveNonmatchingTopics = 64
Moderate = 128
DontReceiveDuplicates = 256

>Similarly, in the "members" section and the "digest members" section, they all have a "0" alongside the addresses. What does this signify?

members and digest_members are dictionaries. The keys are lower-case
email addresses. If the case-preserved email address is the same, the
value is 0; if not, the value is the case-preserved address, i.e. the
same address but with some upper case in the local part.

>I can tell that the code next to addresses in the "hold_and_cmd_autoresponses" section will include dates - presumably for when the applications were first held for approval, but what is the number after the date? Is it the number of days it will be held for? Or the number of applications from that person?

The date is the date of the last autoresponse. That's the information
needed by Auto-responder -> autoresponse_graceperiod. The count is the
number of autoresponses sent on that day, used to enforce
Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py MAX_AUTORESPONSES_PER_DAY.

These have nothing to do with General Options -> max_days_to_hold

# Default length of time a pending request is live before it is evicted
# the pending database.


>Then there's the "u" in "usernames".  What's that all about?


>And finally, the long code next to addresses in "delivery_status" section.  What do they mean please?

The integer is the following

# Delivery statuses
ENABLED  = 0                                      # enabled
UNKNOWN  = 1                                      # legacy disabled
BYUSER   = 2                                      # disabled by user
BYADMIN  = 3                                      # disabled by admin
BYBOUNCE = 4                                      # disabled by bounces

except there's no entry at all for ENABLED. The floating point number
is the time it was last changed.

>Thanks for any help you can give. Or directions to a full list and explanations would be much appreciated.

Much of it is in Defaults.py. Ultimately, you have to look at code.

Commands like

  grep -r delivery_status /path/to/mailman/Mailman

will tell you where to look.

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