[Mailman-Users] Mailman limit

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 2 08:55:52 CET 2011

Harley Stevens wrote:
>Is there a limit on how many users can be part of the mailing list group?

There shouldn't be, but it is possible to misconfigure things between
Mailman and the MTA such that things don't work well when lists have
too many members.

>I'm running a Mac OS X 10.6 server that uses mailman

So maybe this is an issue for Apple?

>and when I send mail via the mailing list to a group with 200+ users they keep getting multiple copies of the email ( up to 50 copies).
>I have to kill the mail system otherwise it would keep sending more copies.
>I have created a new mailing list with the same users and it does exactly the same thing.

What do you see in various logs such as the MTA's logs and Mailman's
smtp and smtp-failure logs?

My first guess is that the MTA is actually accepting some or all
recipients of the message but is returning some status to Mailman
indicating a retryable failure. If you have invalid local addresses on
the list, this could be related to <http://bugs.python.org/issue5713>.

In any case, I suggest setting


in mm_cfg.py and restarting Mailman. That may help

On the other hand, if by "kill the mail system" you mean Postfix and
not Mailman, then this may not be a Mailman issue at all.

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