[Mailman-Users] bilingual list problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 2 20:14:17 CET 2011

Christian Mack wrote:
>If you use utf-8, you have to change all english templates to contain
>the Unicode BOM-Bytes at the beginning.

Why would this be true? Quoting from section 2.6 of the Unicode 5.0

  Use of a BOM is neither required nor recommended for UTF-8, but may
  be encountered in contexts where UTF-8 data is converted from other
  encoding forms that use a BOM or where the BOM is used as a UTF-8

I would expect that one would only choose utf-8 as the character set
for english in an environment where the web server's default character
set is utf-8, and emails built from .txt templates will have a
Content-Type: header specifying the character set. Thus, I don't see
why the BOM would ever be needed.

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