[Mailman-Users] FAQ 4.70 - Renaming a List

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Mar 4 22:55:52 CET 2011

Barry Finkel wrote:
>related question - I have 437 lists.  The genaliases command ran for
>over a minute (I did not time it).  During that time I received some
>mail stating that a list name was "User unknown in local recipient
>table".  Do I need to stop Postfix while genaliases is running?

It would be a good idea. The genaliases/MTA interface is not too smart
and only allows adding one list at a time. So it first empties the
aliases and if applicable the virtual-mailman file and adds one list
and runs the POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD and POSTFIX_MAP_CMD commands. At this
point, you only have aliases for one list and mail to any of the other
436 lists will bounce. It then proceeds to add and update one list at
a time.

>Maybe just editting the aliases file and then running the Postfix
>"newaliases" command is safer .

Yes, that would be safer, but run the Postfix postalias command to
update aliases.db. newaliases by default (without the -oA option)
updates those aliases listed in Postfix's alias_database directive and
if you follow our recommandations, Mailman's aliases file is listed
only in alias_maps. newaliases -oA is equivilent to postalias.

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