[Mailman-Users] Using Mailman to manage a voting process?

Peter Hitchmough (Twokan) peter at twokan.com
Thu Mar 10 12:15:57 CET 2011

Greetings Mailmen -

Please can anyone advise me on the suitability of Mailman (and variants) 
for the following use?

I am investigating approaches to manage a lightweight process to approve 
documents for a shortlist. This process takes place several times a year 
and has 20-30 interested parties and 1 administrator.

A mailing list, particularly managed via Mailman, appeals to me. I have 
glanced briefly at the Vote-MM add-in.

Mailing lists are often used to review things for publication but I 
would like to automate the tracking. features I want to implement include:
- announcement of start, end of voting periods
- announcement of new items for consideration
- collecting Yes and No votes (possibly More Info Please votes)
- announcing final result, including list of items approved

I believe I will have the wherewithal and skills needed to add this to 
my server.

Hope you can advise me...


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