[Mailman-Users] help for sibling list/avoid duplicate emails

Marcello Villani villani at p2p.it
Fri Mar 11 08:36:36 CET 2011

I have the following lists in my environment:
listA at mydomain.org
listB at mydomain.org
listC at mydomain.org

Some members are inside two or three lists.

My goal is to avoid duplicate emails for people who belong to more
than one list!!

I installed mailman 2.1.13: as far as I know this version has "sibling
lists" option. The problem is that I didn't find a proper instruction
to configure them neither the commands to use them...

In the "web administrative pages/non digest options" of mailman I
found  two commands:

Do I need to use them?
Can someone help me in this configuration?

I would really appreciate your help!


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