[Mailman-Users] Attachments AND no-attachments...

Richard Troy rtroy at ScienceTools.com
Fri Mar 11 21:15:28 CET 2011

On Thu, 10 Mar 2011, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Richard Troy wrote:
> >
> >In sum, it would be _fantastic_ if list subscribers have an
> >option to receive or not receive attachments on a per-user basis, much as
> >users can now elect to recieve digests. But, as that option doesn't appear
> >to exist, I was thinking I could facilitate the same effect by using two
> >lists - maybe three.

> That information appears to have been copied from the FAQ at
> <http://wiki.list.org/x/TIA9>. The FAQ has since been updated to
> include information about the regular_include_lists feature in more
> recent versions of Mailman.

Thanks - overlooked somehow.

>  At first, I thought that would solve your
> issue, but it won't because if for example, you put the no-attachments
> list in regular_include_lists of the attachments list, a post to
> attachments will go to the members of both lists, but all recipients
> will get the attachments because the only content filtering applied
> will be that of the attachments list.

I was only thinking of using "accept_these_nonmembers" - as posters, I
presume - on both lists for the members of the other list: the main list
to permit no-attachment members to post to the main list, and to the
no-attachment list to permit main-list members emails to propagate
properly to the no-attach list without munging the header.

> So, moving on...
> Why not have an attachments list and a no-attachments list with
> completely disjoint membership. Make each list a member of the other.
> This is not a problem because the X-BeenThere: headers will prevent
> loops.

I didn't know about "X-BeenThere", but otherwise, that's in effect what I
was creating with my previous plan - two disjoint membership lists.

> Also, put @attachments in the no-attachments list's
> accept_these_nonmembers and vice versa so a member of either list can
> post to either list.

I don't understand that syntax - "@attachments", pointer? More data? That
would solve my problem stated in my original problem description.

> Also, put the attachments posting address in the
> no-attachments list's acceptable_aliases and vice versa.

I may have overlooked that, thanks.

> I don't think you need to mung Reply-To: at all.

In my original strategy, it's needed to help make it appear to be ONE
list as otherwise "reply to list" for non-attachment listees only post to
the non-attachment list and that's not what's intended.

> Also, you might find the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/boA9> useful.


> What gets filtered depends on content filtering. If you want to allow
> anything on the attachments list, just set filter_content to No.

That was the plan.

> If you want to allow only jpeg and gif images and plain text and HTML
> set pass_mime_types to
> multipart
> text/plain
> text/html
> image/jpeg
> image/gif

Is it possible to wild card, say, for example, like this:



> and set collapse_alternatives and convert_html_to_plaintext both to No.

Darn - we're rather partial to plain-text-only!

Looks like I've got some work to do - thanks for your help,

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