[Mailman-Users] Monthly Reminder Question

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Mar 22 03:37:16 CET 2011

Dennis Putnam wrote:
>On 3/21/2011 8:38 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:

>> Also check Mailman's smtp log for the time you ran cron/mailpasswds.
>> There should be an "smtp to mailman for 1 recips" entry for each
>> reminder sent.
>Yes, its there.

"its" implies only one password reminder. Is this what you expect?

>>  If there aren't any, check the smtp-failure log. If there
>> are smtp log entries, check the MTA logs.
>The only SMTP log that has anything in it is the info log (error and
>warning are both empty). I guess that makes sense when everything is
>working, Postfix-wise. However, I think I see the message, if it is from

It's from mailman-bounces or from mailman-bounces+user=example.com if

>The problem is, I don't see who it is to (I think I
>may have the Postfix logging set wrong) so I don't know for sure if it
>really is the message and there is no indication it was sent, just removed.

I'm not familiar with Postfix logging configurations. In my case, I have

mail.*    -/var/log/maillog

in /etc/syslog.conf and it logs everything to /var/log/maillog. If I
grep /var/log/maillog for the message-id from Mailman's smtp log, I
see a message like

Mar  1 05:00:21 sbh16 postfix/cleanup[25087]: C993B6902CE:
message-id=<mailman.534.1298984420.25039.mailman at sbh16.songbird.com>

and if I then grep the log for the Postfix queue ID (C993B6902CE in
this case), I see all the relevant messages. Well actually my
situation is more complex as I run MailScanner so at some point
Mailscanner requeues the message and I have to grep the second queue
id too, but ultimately I see a log message with the disposition as in

Mar  1 05:40:12 sbh16 postfix/smtp[26370]: 196C7690104:
to=<user at yahoo.com>, relay=i.mx.mail.yahoo.com[]:25,
delay=2390, delays=2385/0.25/0.58/4.2, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 ok

where 196C7690104 is requeue id from MailScanner and the 2390 second
delay was due to Yahoo's greylisting in this case.

In any case, if you see the message arrive in the Postfix log and the
queue entry ultimately removed, only Postfix can tell you what it did
with it.

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