[Mailman-Users] Neither the list admin or moderator getting notications on new susbriptions

Rob Tanner rtanner at linfield.edu
Wed Mar 23 23:42:44 CET 2011


I forgot to mention, the option “Should the list moderators get immediate notice of new requests, as well as daily notices about collected ones?” is set to yes, so is there another switch as well or is something broken on my site?

~ Rob

On 3/23/11 3:27 PM, "Rob Tanner" <rtanner at linfield.edu> wrote:


I set up a list that requires confirm and approval for new subscriptions.  There are two list admins (one email address per line and no comma between them) and neither admin gets notification or the subscription request.  I also tried adding them as moderators as well to know avail.  Is there some other switch that needs to be checked to enable notifications or is something broken on the site?  I’m running v2.1.13 on RHEL 5.


Rob Tanner
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Linfield College, McMinnville Oregon

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