[Mailman-Users] using mailing list folder in archive template

Jason Fayre jfayre at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 16:38:42 CET 2011

I am relatively new to Mailman.  I am administering a server with around 
200 lists on it.  I am setting up Swish-e to provide searchable list 
archives.  Each list has it's own search.  In the search form, I need to 
be able to reference a cgi script.
Each list has its own cgi script in the mailman cgi-bin folder.  The 
names of the cgi scripts are the same as the folder containing the 
mailing list in mailman.
I thought I could just use %(listname)s in my templates to reference 
this.  Unfortunately, this is returning the friendly list name, not the 
name of the folder where the list resides.  I can change my cgi script 
names if I need to, but I was wondering if there is a template tag I can 
use to insert the name of the list as it appears in the mailman lists 
Also, is there a list of the mailman tags that can be used in these 

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