[Mailman-Users] inactivating bounce processing to speed up list performance

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt at charite.de
Wed Nov 23 10:10:21 CET 2011

* Lluis Montoliu <montoliu at cnb.csic.es>:
> Dear listers,
> I eventually traced that my mailman installation is delaying the
> distribution of messages because it is trapped in a bunch of "bounce
> processing", dealing with undelivered messages, etc... in this
> regard, could I simply inactivate bounce processing? 

No. You need to clean out your lists. Why are you sending out garbage to
non-existing addresses at? A properly maintained list has a low
percentage of undeliverables - when (as in your case) the undeliverables
are exceeding the normal fallout of about 3%, then you're having bad

> If I do so I should expect an increase in speed and performance of
> mailman and a decrease in delays, but I might risk that some members,
> whose messages could not be delivered for whatever reasons, might loose
> some of these messages. Is that so?


> Would you recommend setting Mailman to not performing bounce processing
> to improve its performance? thanks Lluis


Sending mail to non-deliverable adresses is going to get you into
blacklists. That's how Hotmail and SenderScore work. Furthermore
you're going to hit spamtraps sooner or later.

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