[Mailman-Users] Duplicate posts?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Nov 24 01:19:27 CET 2011

Carlos Palomino wrote:

>It appears they are replying to all, as in the few header samples I've seen, there are two instances of the group address (in the To and CC fields).
>I have the setting checked to filter out duplicates, but still receiving complaints.
>Not sure how to handle this, as it seems to be on the user's end.

It appears that the issue is you have your list setting
reply_goes_to_list set to This list. Thus, posts received from the
list are To: the list as sent by the original poster and have a
Reply-To: the list added by Mailman. Then a recipient does a reply-all
and the recipient's MUA generates a reply To: the list from the
Reply-To: with Cc: the list from the original To:. Some MTAs will drop
duplicate message recipients, but if none of the MTAs handling this
message drop the duplicate, it will be delivered to the list twice,
possibly archived twice (the archiver may drop a duplicate
Message-ID:), appear twice in digests and be sent twice to message

You can easily avoid this by setting reply_goes_to_list to Poster. This
will solve the problem for the reply-all replies, but those who just
reply will find their replies going to the poster rather than the list.

This is really a user education problem, and can't be solved because no
matter what you do, some users won't like it.

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