[Mailman-Users] Invisible message for approval [SOLVED]

Narcis Garcia - GiLUG informatica at actiu.net
Tue Oct 11 08:16:32 CEST 2011

The two messages were sent from the main server and from a new mirror 
server. I only moderate on the production list server, of course, and 
the mirror makes data copy with some lag.

The matter I don't know how to solve is to have a mirror (available for 
production) but not sending mails while doesn't become the production one.
(Server can know if it's main or mirror with a DNS query: ListServer IP 
=? My IP)

Al 10/10/11 08:14, En/na Narcis Garcia - GiLUG ha escrit:
> Hello everybody and thanks for this helping tool.
> I administer one list and had a "pending for approval" message on Sun
> Aug 14 21:11:08 2011 , but after several days I discarded it and no mode
> appeared in the admindb page.
> But now I receive every morning an automated message with "The xxx
> mailing list has 1 request(s) waiting for your consideration", while
> there is'nt any retained message in the admindb page.
> How can I effectively clean the moderation spool?
> It's Mailman 2.1.13 on Ubuntu 10.04.2
> Thanks.
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