[Mailman-Users] Remove Members waiting for Moderator Approval via Command Line

Phil plichten at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 13:08:33 CEST 2011

I'm sorry if this was posted elsewhere - I've been unable to find an answer.

I also realized I originated this e-mail from an account not associated with
the mailing list.  This e-mail is from a subscribed mailman-user account.

I'm trying to kill a pending subscription to a mailing list via the command
line because the domain owner forgot to register the main domain of our site
and we can't approve/deny membership via the web admin interface.

I've tried to remove the e-mail address pending approval via the
remove_members command and it seem to only react to active and approved
members of a mailing list.

Is there a way to approve / deny a pending user request via shell?

Thanks for the help

Phil / w2lie
Monitor Long Island, Inc. <http://www.monitorlongisland.com> |
LongIslandFirePhotos.com <http://www.LongIslandFirePhotos.com>

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