[Mailman-Users] Group mismatch returns.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Oct 12 02:01:04 CEST 2011

Bill Christensen wrote:

>Recent upgrade borked my setup.

[Prior posts indicate this is Mac OS 10.7 server]

>Group Mismatch error once again, and adding the configure line
>     --with-mail-gid=staff
>and removing the line
>     --with-mail-gid=${mmgroup}
>  as suggested doesn't fix it.
>What to do?  How can I keep this from happening whenever I do a major 
>upgrade/reinstall on my server?

These are really questions for Apple. I'm not aware of anyone on this
list other than you who is running Mac OS X server Mailman. I think
most people have had more success by completely ripping out the
supplied Mailman and installing from source. See the FAQ at

Note that making changes to configure options (at least in standard
Mailman) don't do anything unless you actually run configure and make

What is your MTA? If it is Postfix and uses aliases for delivery to
Mailman, what is the owner of the aliases.db file that contains the
Mailman aliases.

What is the text of the group mismatch error message?

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