[Mailman-Users] Integrating mailman with postfix, using virtual domains

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Oct 13 02:06:47 CEST 2011

On 10/12/2011 11:29 AM, Nick Bright wrote:
> Identical behavior was observed when changing VIRTUAL_MAILMAN_LOCAL_DOMAIN to 'localhost'.
> The problem seems, to me, to be that the mail isn't making it to the
> "local" delivery agent; but I am new to postfix and mailman so I'm not
> really certain of how to make that happen.

You are correct about the problem. virtual-mailman maps
testlist at valnet.net to testlist and postfix qualifies that with a domain
which is the value of myorigin which defaults to the value of myhostname
and that appears to be valnet.net which is not a local domain. So, if
that is what you want in Postfix, this is one of the cases where you do
need to specify VIRTUAL_MAILMAN_LOCAL_DOMAIN, and it needs to be one of
the domains in Postfix's mydestination. Normally (at least by default)
localhost is one of the domains in mydestination, but if you ran
bin/genaliases after setting


and still had the problem, it must not be in your case. Try setting
VIRTUAL_MAILMAN_LOCAL_DOMAIN to one of the domains in mydestination and
run bin/genaliases.

If you are still stuck, please post the output from 'postconf -n'

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