[Mailman-Users] throttling mailman for a relay smtp server

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Sun Oct 16 15:09:06 CEST 2011


My isp decided to close his Mailman server,  so you know the bit about
fools and angels... 

Following the link below I got my list up and running only to find
Mailman can send so many posts in so short a time that I overloaded my
isp's smtp server with dire results :(

(I found you have to add forwarding addresses and aliases for
list-bounces which this article ignores)

So Mailman 2.1.12 on ubuntu with fetchmail, postfix, smtp relay via isp

OK, i have more names than a family list, so  investigating ideas for
throttling I am left confused.

1. I read Mailman FAQ 4.51 "How do I limit the rate (throttle) at
which Mailman sends mail?"

2. I see the policyd link but this look a little complex (and scary) for
my needs (<2000 members, outgoing posts only, one per month tops, maybe
switch on postfix/fetchmail/mailman only when needed)

2. I see a patch for SMTPDirect that looks like it might be good and
perhaps an easier route

3. Then I see Mailman FAQ 4.72 "How do I configure Mailman to use an
external SMTP server?"

4. confusion because this says "In mm_cfg.py add or modify:
	SMTPHOST = 'mail.example.com' "

and they are not in my mm_cfg.py and anyway we are running with postfix

??? does SMTPDirect replace having postfix do the smtp-ing?
??? the patch patches SMTPDirect so it won't do anything if I do not
explicitly declare it in mm_cfg.py?
??? what will happen then?
??? should I just patch it anyway and it will go for me?

Someone please illuminate me a bit here on the true path ahead.

thanks for any and all comments


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