[Mailman-Users] FAQ 4.12 "What about Verp" as applicable to sending to a relay host

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Sun Oct 16 22:19:16 CEST 2011


Not that I am going to switch on Verp, but ...

I read this, and interesting sums there too. I note that Defaults.py
still carries SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 500 despite good conclusions in the FAQ
based upon a statistical analysis of a large mailing list user base that
the sweet spot is likely between 2 and 5.

In my case where I am relaying to the isp's smtp server I indeed do
have all my posts to one domain and so I presume that a larger value
could be appropriate?

Given that they limit me to 100 recipients per smtp session it would
seem that I should adjust this downwards to <100 (in mm_cfg.py) to avoid
breaking this rule.

Please tell me that I'm heading in the right direction here.


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