[Mailman-Users] Force reply-to to both poster and list address

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Oct 20 06:53:28 CEST 2011

On 10/19/2011 12:19 PM, Luke Tymowski wrote:
> How do I configure Mailman to change the reply-to header so it sets
> both the poster AND list address?
> The web UI allows for either but not both.
> (And I read FAQ saying I should have my fingers chopped off for
> mucking about with the reply-to header.)
> We run a support list, where only the support admins are members of
> the list. When a user asks for help, and either a user or admin
> responds, everyone gets a copy of the response. Often a user will
> respond to the admin, not both the admin and support list.

I don't understand. if only support admins are members of the support
list, how does some other user respond to the original user's request?

In any case, it would require some code modifications for Mailman to
force a Reply-To: header that contained both the poster's address and
the list address. Short of that, it would seem setting
reply_goes_to_list to This list would do what you want except in those
cases where a user is replying to another user, and how does that happen?

One possibility is for the poster to post with a Reply-To: containing
the poster's address. Then if first_strip_reply_to is No and
reply_goes_to_list is This list, the post will be delivered to the list
with a Reply-To: containing both the poster's original Reply-To: address
and the list address. but this is probably unenforceable.

But then the whole thing may be moot anyway, since only support admins
are members of the list, presumably, the user receives a response only
by virtue of being a direct addressee, and not from Mailman. I.e.
Mailman can't control what's in the Reply-To: of the message sent to the
user because Mailman didn't send it.

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