[Mailman-Users] bounces not getting through for processing

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Oct 31 23:15:29 CET 2011

Anne Wainwright wrote:
>I queried this with my isp provider who queried it with IS (Internet
>Solutions, smtp server & backbone provider) who said that ',' should
>work. That has me worried, did they misunderstand my query?

I'm sure they misunderstood. ',' is a delimiter between email
addresses, not a delimiter between a local part and a local part
suffix in a single address.

>I'll have to
>adjust the regex given in the FAQ. Should I try this or is this so
>unusual as to be unlikely?

>I do have all 10 addresses now, just to be sure.

OK. First make sure that the fables-list Bounce processing ->
bounce_unrecognized_goes_to_list_owner setting is Yes.
Then send test messages via the relay server to
<fables-list-bounces at fables.co.za>,
<fables-list-bounces+xxx at fables.co.za> and
<fables-list-bounces-xxx at fables.co.za>. These messages can be very
simple, say both subject and body containing just 'test' or something

The message to <fables-list-bounces at fables.co.za> should definitely
result in an unrecognized bounce notice to the list owner. One or both
of the others may result in a rejection by the relay, but at least one
may get relayed to the Mailman server and result in an unrecognized
bounce notice to the list owner.

If none get through, there is still a problem with the relay. If only
the <fables-list-bounces at fables.co.za> message gets through, you can't
use VERP. If one of the others gets through, you can use VERP with the
corresponding delimiter.

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