[Mailman-Users] delayed distribution of messages

Lluis Montoliu montoliu at cnb.csic.es
Sat Sep 17 10:19:40 CEST 2011

Dear listers,

I am new at this list. I have been reviewing FAQs.

I have been using mailman for many years. Currently, we are using a  
2.1.11 installation on our current hosting that is causing us lots of  

I am responsible for a list of ~500 members and other much smaller  
(<25 members). All these lists, specially the largest, are  
experiencing unexpected delays in distributing messages of about 45-60  
min from sending a message to the list and the message being  
distributed. This is very problematic and makes the use of these lists  
a pain, specially for maintain a dynamic discussion on any subject.

The mail system itself seems to be OK. If I do send a message to the  
same 500 members from a PHP script the message gets distributed  

I don't have root privileges although we are on our own (administered)  
server. All I can do is complain before my hosting services and they  
say they can't do much and refer to internal mailman problems to  
explain this poor performance (that I haven't seen before in other  

I have found the following thread that might explain our problems:

I have passed this information to my hosting, hopefully they will  
check and take care.

However, I wanted to ask this community whether there are any other  
known bugs or issues to take into account that might impair list  
performance and delay the distribution of messages,

Many thanks for your anticipated responses!

with kind regards from Madrid,


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