[Mailman-Users] Gmail "features"

Lucio Crusca lucio at sulweb.org
Wed Aug 8 09:09:22 CEST 2012

Brad Rogers writes:
> Gmail has *always* been that way.  There is a workaround.  Maybe it is
> employed (if only by accident) on the lists you mention.  It is required
> that the list be set up with the following;
> Receive: list.foo.bar

Ok, I think the example fits my case (3rd level domain is "lists" in my case).

> Send: smtp.foo.bar

Does that mean that I must have an external (from my mailman server point of 
view) smtp server? That would explain everything, but that would also leave me 
without a dime, because I can't reasonably identify another meaningful SMTP 
server to act as smart relay for my smtp server. And no, purposely setting one 
up is not an option, at least for me.

> and then add the header;
> Reply to: list.foo.bar

Already done since when I created my lists (I almost always set 
"reply_goes_to_list" option to the list itself, unrespectful of big fat 
warnings mailman shows about reply-to munging considered harmful).

> I got this from another list I'm subbed to, have never done it myself so
> can't say for sure it's correct, but have no reason to doubt the source.
> See http://lists.claws-mail.org/pipermail/users/2012-July/002752.html
> and a few surrounding messages for some context.

I've read the whole thread, thanks. Unfortunately it does not reply to my 
questions above, but maybe you have undestood the exact meaning of those 

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