[Mailman-Users] Gmail "features"

William Bagwell rb211 at tds.net
Thu Aug 9 11:04:19 CEST 2012

On Thursday 09 August 2012, Lucio Crusca wrote:
> I'd only like to slap gmail in the face if I could, by
> working around their wonderful feature, just for the taste of feeling
> smarter than they pretend to be. All in all, what is hacking about if
> not that?

Please do! Gmail user only because my ISP outsourced mail to them three 
years ago. Was helping a small discusion list move from an LSoft 
ListServe to Mailman at the time so suddenly missing my own posts back 
made testing impossible.

Was infuriated when I discovered there was no way to turn this stupid 
feature off. My work around is to post through my web hosts mail server. 
Most people do not have this option so a setting in Mailman for other 
would be great.

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