[Mailman-Users] Mailman Problems under OSX Lion

David Dodell ddodell at mac.com
Sun Aug 12 17:25:32 CEST 2012

This list is my last hope on getting my problems fixed.

I am running OSX Lion  (not Mountain Lion).     Mailman was part of the default installation.

I have two issues which I have gotten absolutely no help from Apple Enterprise Support ... basic answer, we don't support open source software and couldn't answer me on why they installed / advertised mailing lists but don't support it ... but I regress.

(1) First issue is cosmetic.    At the bottom of each administrative page, mailman does not display the icons which I see on ever other mailman website ... basically the mailman / python logos.   Not a real big deal, besides the cosmetic irk.   I've checked the docs, found the path in the config file, and sure enough the images are there in the path, but they still do not display.   Ideas?

(2) Second issue is more serious.    I can't get list moderation to work.    A message comes in to be moderator, I get email notification of this.   However, if I login to the administrator page, "pending moderator requests", if I try to approve, reject, or any other command on that page, NOTHING happens ... the message keeps appearing, no action is taken etc.

I've repaired all permissions, but besides that, lost on what to try next.

Would appreciate any insight.

Thank you.

David Dodell

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