[Mailman-Users] Mailman Problems under OSX Lion

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Aug 21 06:10:32 CEST 2012

Brad Knowles writes:
 > On Aug 20, 2012, at 9:03 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull <stephen at xemacs.org> wrote:
 > >> Which is probably why they are so very violently opposed to having
 > >> any GPL-encumbered code anywhere in the company.
 > > 
 > > GCC?  gdb?  binutils?  Make?  CUPS?  Mailman?
 > Gcc & gdb are gone -- replaced by llvm.

Sure, and I can see why they'd want to do that.  My point is simply
that Apple is pragmatic about it.  Sure, they want permissive licenses
if they can get them, and I think the FLOSS world is heading in that
direction.  I'm not surprised they take advantage of the trend.

 > They even eliminated X out-of-the-box,

X11 is still a mess, and their development philosophy still sucks for
users and 3rd-party developers.  If I can use the Mac GUI, I do.
Again, de-supporting X is arguably a pragmatic decision.

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