[Mailman-Users] Global vs list-specific settings

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Dec 1 17:59:16 CET 2012

Max Pyziur wrote:

>Does the mailman send_reminders setting override individual lists' 
>send_reminders settings.

No. The setting for send_reminders on the site (mailman) list affects
only that list. Here are the rules:

1) The sending of periodic (monthly) reminders is done by Mailman's
cron/mailpasswds. If this job is not being run by cron, no reminders
will be sent.

2) If cron/mailpasswds is run, reminders will be sent for those lists
for which send_reminders is Yes. If send_reminders is No, no reminders
will be sent for that list.

3) For lists with send_reminders = Yes, users can individually opt out
of reminders by setting their own "Get password reminder email for
this list?" option to No. The converse is not true. I.e. setting this
option to Yes will not cause a periodic reminder for this list to be
sent to this user if the list's send_reminders = No.

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