[Mailman-Users] slow "out" queue

Anil Jangity anilj at me.com
Thu Feb 2 00:57:30 CET 2012

It seems it is doing about 6000 users in 35 minutes. 
The problem seems to be that sendmail is doing one email connection per recipient.

I have these set in mm_cfg.py:


It seems Qrunner isn't honoring those?

> Look at Mailman's 'smtp' log. You undoubtedly have a huge backlog in
> the out queue because you aren't processing outgoing SMTP fast enough
> to keep up with demand. In the smtp log you will see entries like
> Jan 20 09:41:14 2012 (17283) <message-id> smtp to listname for 223
> recips, completed in 3.500 seconds
> You will observe that each entry's timestamp is equal to that of the
> previous entry plus this entry's 'completed in' time indicating no
> delay between messages. Each entry represents processing of one out/
> queue entry. You will probably also note that the processing rate is
> much less than the 64 recipients/second in the above message which is
> from a full VERP installation.

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