[Mailman-Users] can I use a mailman list address as a (qmail) sender address?

Stefan P. Wolf (NassRasur.com) wolf at NassRasur.com
Mon Feb 6 18:07:36 CET 2012

Stephen J. Turnbull writes:

> Stefan P. Wolf writes:
>   >  Now I would like to be able to create also a *real* mail
>   >  account with the same address, for SENDING (outgoing mail)
>   >  only.
> I think all you need to do is create the mailing list as usual, and
> then create the system user with the same name.  The mailing list's
> explicit alias should take precedence.

I was finally able to try it and did not succeed.

I created the mailing list address dtest at mydomain.com (using my
real domain instead of mydomain, of course) and when I tried to
add an email address with the same name through PLESK I got an
error message telling me that the email address already existed.

Then I tried to add an account (role: mail user) with this email
address through PLESK then I got the explicit message that a
mailing list with this name already existed in this domain.

Anyone another idea? Again,I need the VERY SAME address for the
SMTP account because only then will replies to incoming messages
(through the mailing list) automatically select the correct sender
profile in Thunderbird and other mailers. If I use a different
name for the SMTP account, the mailers of the list users will
always select the default profile for replies which is exactly
what I want to avoid.

Best regards, Stefan.

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