[Mailman-Users] Coworking member mailing list - help!

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Thu Feb 9 08:00:09 CET 2012

<< On 2/6/2012 4:59 PM, Susan Evans wrote:
          We are currently hosted at Bluehost, which I recognize is 
the piece that is
         responsible for the 100-member limit. >>

Ditto, Susan.  I have NOT ever seen a Member-limit however ?!?!?  What 
level "plan"
do you have ??  I'm original Platinum so perhaps that the reason ?!?!?

I DO know that [very unfortunately] they are dumber-than-a-rock when 
it comes to
any sort of MailMan problem ! ! !   Due to this List, I have actually 
gotten out of a problem
or two by telling Level 3 Tech WHAT TO DO <G> <G> ! ! !

I have told them several times that they should have some-one [or 3 - 
and that those folks LEARN MM so that they could offer the BEST eMail 
List Management
tool available <G> !  With the BEST "Tech Assistance" available 
ANYWHERE on the Net <VBG>!!

Please visit MY site at:
[home of eleven (11) M.M. Lists].

PS:  Feel free to write sales at justbrits.com direct if I can assist you 
further ! !

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