[Mailman-Users] digest-mode not functioning properly

Lluis Montoliu montoliu at cnb.csic.es
Fri Feb 10 08:53:47 CET 2012

Dear listers,
Suddenly, some users of two mailman (version 2.1.11) lists I am 
administering have started to complain about digest-mode not functioning 
properly. In brief, messages are not being sent in digest-mode. Settings 
are 1024 Kb for size before sending a digest message or daily, if this 
size isn't reached, new digest volumes should be started daily too. No 
messages sent. I have tried to trigger the "immediate sending 
digest-mode" from administration settings (Should Mailman send the next 
digest right now, if it is not empty?) and no way, nothing happened. I 
even tried myself, registering one of my email addresses a couple of 
days ago and setting this to digest-mode (normally I don't use this 
mode) and nothing, does not work.
It looks as if digest-mode stopped working for good. However, standard 
mode works fine. I have contacted my hosting provider and I am currently 
awaiting their response, but I decided to share this unexpected troubles 
in this forum, in case someone has seen it before and there is something 
I could do from the administrative interface.
Thanks for your comments.

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