[Mailman-Users] How to show Human Name but not email address

Gregory Beyer beyerg at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 14 13:52:58 CET 2012


Been using mailman for many years, but have a configuration need that I
don't see in the GUI.  I've searched, but also don't find in the

I would like for my users to be able, in the Web Admin interface, to be
able to see the HUMAN name of subscribers, but not the actual email
address.  For example, if I mass add addresses, in this format Bob
Smith<robert.Smith at somemail.com>   I would like "Bob Smith" to show, but
not expose"robert.Smith at somemail.com"

Now, I know I can turn hidden off and on, but that is all or nothing.
OFF =  no information about subscribers shows at all  ON=their email
addresses are shown.  Of course, those are then easily harversted and
expoited.  I don't want that, but my users want to be able to see who
they are mailing with.

Thanks much,


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