[Mailman-Users] Editable template files?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Feb 16 02:03:12 CET 2012

Jezz wrote:
>I'm not quite sure what you mean about cronpass.txt. Isn't that used for the 
>monthly password reminder? What do you mean about it not being used?

The monthly password reminder is a single reminder for all lists in the
installation of which the recipient is a member. Thus it is not "for"
a single list, even if it only contains one password for one list.
Thus, it always uses either the default cronpass.txt template or a
sitewide edited cronpass.txt template if any. It does not use a domain
specific or list specific version of the template even if there is one.

>BTW could you kindly give me a complete list of the possible templates (or 
>at least the default or standard templates) and their "friendly" names, from 
>the edithtml.py file, as you did above with those first five entries? That 
>would be very helpful. :)

All the templates are listed at
Their "friendly" names for edithtml.py are any name you want to make
up to describe them.

I think the only ones which are used without a list context and for
which editing via edithtml.py is ineffective are cronpass.txt and

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