[Mailman-Users] Using a different domain for the URL4oCP

Jezz jeremy at fairbrass.co.nz
Thu Feb 16 08:03:09 CET 2012

"Mark Sapiro" <mark at msapiro.net> wrote in message 
news:PC195201202152257060671e67fe865 at MSAPIRO...
> Jezz wrote:
>>Hmm - yes, you're right - I was misled by the help text on the 
>>page in the GUI, which says that host_name is "The fully qualified domain
>>name that the list server runs on", rather than the email domain. However 
>>believe host_name is actually meant to be the email's domain, as you've
>>noted. Obviously by default they are normally one and the same thing 
> Yes, that text is misleading, but help text for the list's host_name
> attribute on the General Options page is more clear.
> Also, I wouldn't say the two hosts are "normally" the same. In the
> simplest case, host_name comes from DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and the
> web_page_url host comes from DEFAULT_URL_HOST and these are often
> different even if only in that DEFAULT_URL_HOST is prefixed with www.
>>Anyway, what I want basically is for all web URLs to reference 
>>but for the list's email addresses (post/owner/bounce addresses etc) to 
>>use example.COM (a completely different domain). So the list's email
>>addresses are independent of the web URL.
> That's why every list has a web host (the host part of web_page_url)
> and an email host (host_name).
>>This should ideally also affect any other applicable variables such as
>>listinfo_url, optionsurl and so on, as well as any hard-coded (absolute)
>>links in the admin GUI.
> It does.
>>I don't want to use example.COM for the web URL, because I want to use 
>>elsewhere for another website and not have it used for the Mailman web
>>interface. I know that sounds complicated, but I'm just wondering if this 
>>possible (and not difficult) to accomplish.
> Yes.
> -- 

Good to know it's possible! So how is this done? I'm deducing that I 
accomplish this by modifying DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and/or DEFAULT_URL_HOST? If 
so, where do I find those values exactly?

Is it possible to make these two variables editable via the GUI, or can they 
only be modified via some setting file on the server? 

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