[Mailman-Users] No mail going out to lists members

jdd jdanield at free.fr
Mon Feb 20 19:55:16 CET 2012

Le 20/02/2012 16:55, Mark Sapiro a écrit :

> Remove the line
> DELIVERY_MODULE = 'Sendmail'
> from mm_cfg.py.

done (commented out)

even after rstarting mailman, this do not change the result (no delivery)

but I still have
Feb 20 19:38:44 2012 (10832) Uncaught runner exception: Use of the 
Sendmail.py delivery module is highly discouraged

> Then if you want the shunted messages to be delivered, run
> /usr/lib/mailman/bin/unshunt

don't work (messages still in the shunt folder)

> Otherwise
> rm /var/lib/mailman/qfiles/shunt/*

this works, for sure. done.

I had also messages in /var/lib/mailman/data like 
"heldmsg-linux-31-11.pck". I also removed them

I posted a couple of messages on the list, no return

I have
Feb 20 19:42:00 2012 (28177) post to linux-31 from jdanield at free.fr, 
size=1607, message-id=<4F4293F1.4090705 at free.fr>, 2 failures

in post log file

Feb 20 19:42:00 2012 (28177) delivery to jdd at dodin.org failed with 
code -1: [Errno -2] Name or service not known

on smtp logs

I have this in mm_cfg.py:

DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/mailman/'
DEFAULT_NNTP_HOST = 'culte.org'
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'culte.org'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'culte.org'
MTA = 'Postfix'
POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD = '/usr/sbin/postalias'
POSTFIX_MAP_CMD = '/usr/sbin/postmap'

what can i do else?


Jean-Daniel Dodin

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