[Mailman-Users] Archives not updating

Robert (Bob) Hamilton hamilton at accesswave.ca
Tue Feb 21 13:21:15 CET 2012


Back in 2005 I installed Mailman on a hosting server and until now 
the Archiving feature has worked flawlessly archiving all the 
messages sent to the list until January 27th, 2012 when it stopped. I 
have looked at all the setup features and everything is fine so I am 
not sure why this has happened as I have lots of unused space on the server.

I am hoping this is an easy fix as I am not very familiar with 
programming so if it does involves editing a script, I am almost 
useless. Anyone have a suggestion? The hosts only provide the program 
and not into solving problems with 3rd party software.

Thanks in advance,


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