[Mailman-Users] Prepending previous message text to current message

Atkins, Brian CTR Brian.D.Atkins at uscg.mil
Tue Feb 28 13:49:38 CET 2012

I am having an issue with one of my more active lists whereby the previous message text is being prepended to the latest message. The odd thing is that the message, as it appears in the list archives is as it should be, though the message sent to the subscribers appears as thus:

"This is the previous message sent."
"This is the latest message."
"List footer."

The only anomaly I found with the list was a member with a malformed email address, "#user at domain.com". I have since removed the user yet messages continue to appear as I have described.

On a related side note: is there a way to easily switch the nomail option for all list subscribers? This would greatly assist me in testing the issue without inundating the subscribers with test messages. Normally I would create a new list for testing, but since this is the only list that appears to have the issue, I need to test against this one.



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