[Mailman-Users] mail message to list disappears

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Jan 18 18:10:24 CET 2012

Peter STUMPF writes:

 > *	version of mailman: 2.1.1

Did you write that correctly?  That's very old.

 > The message just disappeared.

Was it just one message, or is the fault repeatable?

 > I went to the logs of exim and found the message had been processed
 > correctly.
 > In the logs of mailman instead, I couldn't find anything which would
 > tell me about the existence of the mail message.

Look and see if there's anything in the qfiles/shunt directory
(usually in /var/lib/mailman/, I believe).  While you should normally
get some information in the Mailman logs, I have seen Unicode errors
where the message got shunted and somehow nothing was logged (but only
in versions of Mailman < 2.1.10 or so, so my question about your
version matters).

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