[Mailman-Users] mail message to list disappears

Peter STUMPF Peter.STUMPF at unoosa.org
Thu Jan 19 09:48:00 CET 2012

I compared the logs of exim for a message to the mailing list that doesn't 
work with a message to the list that does work. 

And... bam! There it was - I have a user on my system who has the exact 
same name as the mailing list is called. Thanks for pointing me back to 
the exim logs!
That's what exim put  into the logs:

2012-01-19 09:26:04 1RnnJr-0007B3-Sk => somename <somename at someserver.org> 
R=local_user T=mail_spool       <= not working
2012-01-19 09:29:23 1RnnN5-0007Ba-LE => test <test at someserver.org> 
R=mailman_router T=mailman_transport            <= working

It clearly shows, that there is a user on my system which has exactly the 
same name as the mailing list (d'oh!) 
So exim transports the mail message to the user and not to mailman. I just 
logged in as as that user and found all the messages I had sent earlier, 
in his inbox. 
That's totally logical! I should've thought of this before and read the 
logs more carefully. It's stated there 'R=local_user T=mail_spool'. 
So the system works like a charm, only the guy administering it 

Thanks again!


Peter Stumpf

From:   Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>
Cc:     mailman-users at python.org, "Stephen J. Turnbull" 
<stephen at xemacs.org>
Date:   18/01/2012 11:22 PM
Subject:        Re: [Mailman-Users]  mail message to list disappears

On 1/18/2012 1:07 PM, Peter STUMPF wrote:
> I've sent again a message to be able to trace the actions on the
> server. The only file which got touched was the config.pck, the
> config.pck.last and the request.pck. Everything else didn't receive
> an updated timestamp. the 'in', 'out' and 'virgin' do have the date
> of today, but the time is set to '8:00'.

That's strange. The time stamps of 8:00 on in, out and virgin queue
directories are probably from one or more "n moderator requests"
messages sent by cron/checkdbs at that time. Ihis would indicate the
message never reached the in queue. The updates to config.pck,
config.pck.last and request.pck may have occurred because of an admindb
web visit.

What exactly is in the exim log for messages to this list? is the
message routed and transported by the 'mailman' router and transport?

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