[Mailman-Users] Mailman / Postfix new list issue

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jul 1 16:27:33 CEST 2012

Dan Offord wrote:
>I'm having an issue with any new lists created in Mailman, it appears
>to be forcing each mailing lists host_name to: multiplay.co.uk
>So any welcome emails specifically states:
>"To post to this list, send your message to:
> newlist at multiplay.co.uk"
>Where the host/domain for Mailman is set to lists.multiplay.co.uk
>My mm_cfg.py is at http://pastie.org/4178388

The relevant lines of which are:

DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'lists.multiplay.co.uk'
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'lists.multiplay.co.uk'
host_name = 'lists.multiplay.co.uk'

The assignment to host_name in mm_cfg.py does nothing useful. remove it.

add_virtualhost() takes one or two arguments and creates a mapping from
a url host (web host) to an email host. If the email host argument is
ommitted, it is determined by stripping everything up to the first dot
'.' from the url host argument. This is documented in Defaults.py

# ...  If optional emailhost is
# omitted it defaults to urlhost with the first name stripped off, e.g.
# add_virtualhost('www.dom.ain')
# VIRTUAL_HOST['www.dom.ain']
# ==> 'dom.ain'



is the same as

add_virtualhost('lists.multiplay.co.uk', 'multiplay.co.uk')

What you want in mm_cfg.py are these 3 lines in this order

DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'lists.multiplay.co.uk'
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'lists.multiplay.co.uk'

Then, you can fix the host_name of the already created list either from
the web UI General Options page or by running fix_url {see

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