[Mailman-Users] remainder post bounce

jdd jdanield at free.fr
Mon Jul 2 20:10:56 CEST 2012

I have a curious situation. I could fix it, so there is no hurry to 
find a better solution, but I wonder where I failed :-).

I have a domain name (culte.org) that hold a mailman mailing lists server.

Under this domain, there is a (virtual) network. The real server is 

When mailman send the messages to the lists, no problem at all, the 
return path is <list-name>@culte.org

but when mailman send the monthly reminder, the return path is 

some recipients do not like to have the extra "savage-reborn" part and 
refuse the mail.

I don't know where I could change this without disturbing the server's 

The MTA is postfix.

I could solve the problem adding savage-reborn in culte.org zone 

any idea?


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