[Mailman-Users] txt.gz character encoding

Gary Kopp gary at roksw.com
Fri Jul 27 21:20:14 CEST 2012

I am trying to download Pipermail archives from
http://lists.xwiki.org/pipermail/users/. They are offered in txt.gz files. I
now understand that even though it is not immediately obvious, I can
download the uncompressed .txt versions by modifying the URL, and the
resulting files are fine. But if I download one of the txt.gz files and
unzip it to create a .txt file the results are undecipherable. It looks like
a different character encoding was used. The beginning of the unzipped file
has the host server's path in clear text at the top (information that is not
in the .txt file downloaded directly, BTW), but the rest is gibberish. Is
there something special about the process that Pipermail uses to produce the
.gz files, or is this something xwiki.org might have changed?


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