[Mailman-Users] what effect does mm_cfg.py settingVERP_PERSONALIZED_DELIVERIES have if personalize (nondigest) is set to NO?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jun 17 07:25:06 CEST 2012

David wrote:

>In mm_cfg.py I have these settings:
>In a list with personalize (nondigest) set to NO, does that mean that all
>personalization options, including those above are not in effect?

It means that posts from the lis to members are not personalized so the


setting has no effect on this list. It has no effect/relation to the
other 3 settings.

>Next question:
> If I set VERP_DELIVERY_INTERVAL = 1 in mm_cfg.py, does that override any
>list-specific settings, or any of the other settings above?

It means that every post and every message to a LIST-owner will be
verped regardless of other settings.

>Last question:
># Set this Yes to activate VERP probe for disabling by bounce
>It sounds like VERP_PROBES enhances automatic disabling by bounce. I assume
>I should enable it if I have VERP_PERSONALIZED_DELIVERIES=Yes. Is that

It has nothing to do with VERP_PERSONALIZED_DELIVERIES. It means that
when a user's bounce score reaches the threshold, the score will be
reset and a VERPed probe message will be sent and the user's delivery
will be disabled only if the probe bounces.  If you set this to Yes
and there is some MTA issue preventing correct delivery of VERPed
bounces, users will never be disabled by bounce which is why the
default is No.

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