[Mailman-Users] Personalisation: how long does it take?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Jun 19 00:43:18 CEST 2012

On Jun 18, 2012, at 3:32 PM, Andrew Hodgson wrote:

> Thanks, something is wrong with the setup or the VPS I use is not running efficiently.  What MTA are you using? I am on Exim4.

Postfix has some out-of-the-box settings that make it particularly well suited for the role of being an MTA for a mailing list manager like Mailman.  With work, you can probably get a configuration for Exim that will perform nearly as fast for the same size of list, but Exim is designed primarily for other purposes than maximum performance.  As the list grows larger, the performance gap between a well-tuned postfix configuration and a well-tuned Exim configuration is likely to grow.

On the other hand, some people will find it easier to administer the Exim configuration than they would postfix.

If ten minutes to send out your list is actually acceptable for you, then don't worry that someone else can get their entire list sent out in 120 seconds, even if they're the same size and they're doing all the same crypto operations.  You need what is good enough for you, and you don't need to be comparing yourself to someone else.

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