[Mailman-Users] Using with a database and *without* a webserver

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Fri Jun 29 23:15:06 CEST 2012

On Fri, 29 Jun 2012, Brad Knowles wrote:

> So far as I know, there's no official way to use an SQL database with 
> Mailman 2, although there is the MemberAdaptor that you found which is 
> believed to work with MySQL.  If you'd like to modify the code to work 
> with PostgreSQL instead, that would be great!

I would love to!  However, this is a time-sensitive deployment (they want 
it up by Monday), so making this change when we could simply just run 
MySQL instead doesn't really make sense.

> Mailman 3 is intended to be the version that will officially integrate 
> with other database technologies through standard Python interface, but 
> it's still in early beta right now.

Yeah.  I'd love to run Mailman 3 up the stick and use that, but it's not 
quite ready and I'm certainly not ready enough to try to get it running 
reliably by Monday.

> Mailman was not designed to be used exclusively from the command line. 
> There are lots of admin functions that can't be done, or can't be easily 
> done, without access to a web server.  Of course, that web server could 
> always be locked away and accessible only to the admins, but then you 
> kind of defeat the purpose of a lot of the Mailman self-provisioning 
> functionality.

I thought as much.   Without going into details however, there are 
security considerations etc, and apparently addressing these is not 
straight-forward or timely.  So I may enable it and hide it away 
somewhere... I'll see what my employer wants.


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