Norbert Aschendorff norbert.aschendorff at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 1 09:54:50 CET 2012

Hi all,

I wanted to figure out which effect DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST has but I didn't
have much success. The only place where I found this variable was
add_virtualhost() in mailman-install.pdf and in Defaults.py.

My question: Does DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST have an effect on the mailman
instance when I am not using (e.g. Postfix) virtual hosts? Does it have
an effect _when_ I'm using virtual domains? And if yes, which? Or should
it always be set to a sensible value? Does it influence to which
hostname the "aliases" file belongs? And if yes, does that make sense?

I ask because when I change the value of DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST, nothing
happens except of some address changes on the web interface. Sending
mails to the lists works without any problems.

I'm pretty confused :)


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