[Mailman-Users] Mailman continues to deliver to deleted list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Nov 6 02:02:24 CET 2012

Josh Berkus wrote:

>I deleted a mailing list using rmlist.  However, mailman continues to
>send out messages to the recipients on this list, and I can't seem to
>make it stop.  There's ~~ 3000 pending deliveries, so I'd really rather
>that they not go out.
>For now mailman is shut down.  How do I clean out its pending messages
>queue entirely?

First of all, if the list is gone, i.e. there is no lists/LISTNAME/
directory in Mailman's hierarchy, no currently queued messages will be
processed. Outgoing runner or some other runner may pick up queue
entries for this list, but the list won't be there, so the queued
message will be shunted with an error log message 'Dequeuing message
destined for missing list: LISTNAME'. Therefore, you can just restart
Mailman and any messages in Mailman's queues from the affected list
will just wind up in the shunt queue and won't be processed.

Thus, any 'pending' deliveries which will go out have already been
delivered from Mailman to the MTA, and stopping them has to be done in
the MTA (unless that's moot at this point).

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