[Mailman-Users] {Spam?} RE: Question regarding SPAM

Futchko, Rose Rose.Futchko at INFORMS.ORG
Mon Oct 1 05:03:29 CEST 2012

Sapiro, Mark wrote:

> Then again, how did the post reach the list in the first place.
>>Non-member posts are discarded and you said the list is moderated
which I think means that member posts are held for moderation, so how
does a spam post get to the list?

>>Does the list have some unmoderated members? If so, if a post contains
one of these member addresses in any of a From:, Reply-To: or Sender:
>>header or as the envelope sender, the post may be accepted (see the
documentation for SENDER_HEADERS in Defaults.py).

Not that I am aware of that setting or subscriber (over 2000) for that
particular list. I saw email messages sent in the POSTFIX maillog to the
individual from the spamfilter (spamassasin) that was installed to work
with Postfix. Trying to work backwards, I have removed Spamassassin from
Postfix and restarted. While not sure and do not have any proof, I
wanted to eliminate this as a potential cause. 

One question: is there a report or command that I can run to see how
many members where unsubscribed from any list on our Mailman service for
a period of time. My reason is if this individual was unsubscribed, I am
not sure how many other subscribers may have been lost. Therefore, I
would like to reinstate all subscribers lost over the past two week

Thank you,

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