[Mailman-Users] Something is hiding Subject/Sender for Hotmail/MSNrecipients

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Sep 7 00:08:04 CEST 2012

ChuckPuckett wrote:
>This just started, but it may be result of change in Settings. I use Mailman
>list primarily as an announcement service (of theatrical events in the
>area). I myself receive the emails, once in my Hotmail account, once in my
>Gmail account. I send the announcements from  the Hotmail account.
>In the last month or so, I've noticed that when I receive the email in my
>Hotmail account, the Subject says "(No Subject)" and the sender is
>"(Unknown)". The Gmail receipt is fine: subject and sender are perfectly

It is difficult to understand what the issue with any message would be
that would allow Gmail to correctly display the Subject: and Sender:
but Hotmail not.

>I just ignored the problem until one of my patrons, using an MSN
>(also Microsoft, so you can see where I'm heading with my suspicions)
>reported the same phenomenon. 
>My settings are hopefully set up so that members can only receive the
>postings, there is no provision for anyone else posting to the list (it's
>not a discussion forum)
>anonymous_list is set to NO
>first_strip_reply_to set to YES
>reply_goes_to_list is Explicit address (mine)

Possibly you have a hard return at the end of your address in
reply_to_address. I don't know offhand what this would produce in the
generated Reply-To: header, but if it were some kind of encoded
return, Hotmail might see it as the end of the headers and Gmail not.

>subject_prefix is "[Theatre Happenings]" (don't see how this would affect,
>just mentioning settings that seem at least potentially related)
>There may be other settings that are germane, happy to provide them. Or
>maybe it's nothing in my Settings at all.
>Any help is appreciated.

I would like to see the raw message as sent from Mailman. I don't think
you can get this in Hotmail, but in Gmail, in the message view, near
the top and to the right of the date and the swooping 'reply' arrow
there is a down arrow for 'more'. Pull that down and click 'show
original'. Then copy and paste all the headers - you can mung things
for privacy if you wish, but try not to obscure anything that isn't
simple text, and not particularly if there seem to be any blank lines.

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